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We deliver innovative, scalable and secure technology to help federal, state and local agencies better serve constituents. Current government partners include the US State Department, the Department of Interior, the Department of Defense, and more.
Blue Water Media provides cutting edge design and flawless functionality for healthcare consultants, hospitals, medical professionals, associations, government agencies, and more. We understand the importance of publicizing your practice and establishing a solid reputation both on and offline.
We leverage our technology to help you promote yours. Our strategic design, development and marketing experts have worked with high tech companies in a variety of industries to enhance their online presence and drive sales.
An enticing website is the cornerstone of any successful real estate web marketing campaign. From commercial real estate web design to residential real estate web design, with our help you’ll have the nicest website on the block!
At Blue Water Media, we specialize in hospitality web design. Our practiced hotel web design experts will drive potential guests to complete bookings and take advantage of online review sites and social media.
We help financial and wealth management professionals maximize ROI from their online presence. From accounting web design to banking web design, we design and develop customized solutions to help those in the financial services industry succeed.
Blue Water Media association website designers are familiar with the unique web design requirements that apply to associations. Our innovative association web design solutions help clients recruit and connect with members, streamline internal communications, and improve event planning and promotion.
Blue Water Media creates ROI-driven ecommerce websites that are intuitive, secure and reliable. By skillfully optimizing frontend usability requirements and integrating with your existing backend systems, our solutions offer seamless implementation.


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When comparing film and literature, it is often said: “the book is better than the movie.” Many people prefer to read and interpret stories for themselves, instead of watching and being told the tale. Some readers enjoy when information is left up...
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