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In today’s global e-everything environment, customers, constituents, employees and stakeholders want real-time results and instant gratification.

The web has become the platform of choice for making information and transactions easily available to your target audience. As the technology to make this all happen becomes increasingly complex and challenging, Blue Water Media strives to make it seamless.

Over the past decade the majority of enterprise and government systems have evolved from fat-client long-term software implementation laden systems, to thin-client agile rapidly deployed websites portals.  Blue Water Media understands the digitally enabled landscape and helps clients achieve success across all their web enabled platforms, from websites and web portals to intranets and extranets.

Creating websites and web applications that are easy to use requires that we understand the prospective user. Who are they? What do they want to achieve? How often will they use your website? What is their experience level?  We focus on deeply understanding target users in order to effectively drive them down a specific path toward a conversion, be it a website lead, a sale, or other transaction. 

Once we identify your target user, we select the best technology to support them across the ranges of browsers, devices, and access mechanisms. We automate processes wherever possible and push as much processing to the front end as we can.  This enables users to support themselves and use a rich client-side environment.  Our focus on user experience, standards and open architectures ensures our solutions can easily change and grow to meet your evolving business needs. 

To learn more about how Blue Water Media's Washington DC website development, portal development, intranet development and extranet development can help your organization, contact us today for a free website development consultation.


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