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Health Services

Quitter In You

Blue Water Media created the ‘Quitter in You’ microsite for The American Lung Association (ALA) to provide smokers with the resources necessary to kick start the quitting...

Health Services


The striking digital toolkit designed for the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative, www.nurhitoolkit.org, helps the project advance its mission to increase the use...

Health Services

Facing Lung Cancer | Support from Day One

Facing Lung Cancer: Support From Day One is a unique web-based learning experience focused on lung cancer patients and their caregivers. This project emerged from a need to...

Health Services

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)—Women and HIV

The redesigned ACOG website, developed by Blue Water Media's medical web design team, promotes patient safety through increased healthcare information access for...

Health Services


Blue Water Media Medical Web Design Team's enhancements to the ACOG SCOPE website helps ACOG and its Fellows to take a leadership role in defining quality and safety...

Health Services

Roundhouse Square Counseling Center

Roundhouse Square Counseling Center’s website, developed by Blue Water Media's Medical Web Design Team, helps the practice smoothly coordinate a variety of effective...

Health Services

British Standards Institute

The Blue Water Media Medical Web Design Team takes BSI Group’s medical device standards website to the next level, helping the organization ensure patient safety while...

Health Services

Health Fair

The revamped Health Fair website, developed by Blue Water Media's medical web design team, showcases the organization’s easy access to affordable, life-saving screenings,...

Health Services

Acute Long Term Hospital Association

The new website, developed by Blue Water Media's medical web design team, helps the Washington-based association of long term acute care hospitals to provide highly...



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