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“Build a website and customers will come” is no longer a viable marketing strategy. 

To remain competitive in today’s saturated digital landscape, you need to leverage all the tools at your disposal and actively drive potential customers to your website using the ever-evolving channels and tactics available to you. That’s where Blue Water Media comes in. Our years of experience and in-depth familiarity with industry best practices can maximize your search engine visibility, brand awareness, and website conversions. Our specialties include the following:

We understand the connection between search engine rankings and your bottom line. Blue Water Media SEO specialists will work to achieve top-10 rankings for multiple keywords and localities in major search engines, increase conversions and lead generation from search engine traffic, and improve site usability and effectiveness.
DC Search Engine Marketing
Pay-per-click advertising allows your business to measure the effectiveness of every advertising dollar they spend—right down to the penny! Our DC Google AdWords management services will ensure your AdWords campaign is set up and optimized for ongoing success.
DC Social Media Management
Even if you don't use social media, chances are high that many of your customers and clients do! While most social networking sites are offered free of charge, creating and building a presence across social media platforms can be confusing and time consuming. Blue Water Media’s social media marketing specialists can help you better understand the tools available to you and the benefits of the different networks, and we can help you plan and execute your strategy accordingly.
Google Analytics Specialists
Knowledge is power. If you want to improve your website’s performance, you first need to measure it to understand how it is being utilized. Our analytics specialists use detailed website analytics, heat mapping, keyword monitoring, in-depth usability testing, and customer surveys to monitor and optimize websites on an ongoing basis.
DC Marketing Consultants
We know the first step to any successful campaign is research. By investigating buying habits, brand impression, and customer trends on and offline, Blue Water Media’s DC marketing consultants strategically pinpoint and connect with our clients’ core audiences. To inform our marketing strategy, we thoroughly assess a client’s (and their competitors’) presence on online review websites and social media platforms and in search engines. Once a campaign is launched, we consistently track performance and optimize our strategy on an ongoing basis.
DC Email Marketing
Email marketing is a powerful way to turn your prospects into customers and encourage repeat sales. Blue Water Media partners with iContact Pro, ConstantContact, and MailChimp to provide clients with the best email marketing and list management software available. Our in-house digital strategists will work with you to develop a compelling email marketing strategy that encourages customer loyalty and supports your bottom line.
link building services
In addition to indicating your site’s relevance to a particular query, search engine rankings essentially measure your website’s popularity online. Your website becomes better ranked as more highly ranked websites link back to it. By employing tactics that create natural growth in backlinks, Blue Water Media’s link building specialists will elevate your marketing campaign to new levels and maximize website traffic coming from search engines.
Mobile marketing in DC
Thanks to massive growth in mobile and tablet devices in recent years, reaching and engaging users on the move has never been so important. Our mobile marketing solutions include mobile advertising, mobile brand marketing, native app development, mobile social media marketing, location-based services, QR Code marketing, and short message service.
DC public relations firm
The public relations (PR) playground has gone digital. As consumers increasingly discover and share information online, there are a new set of tactics for communicating effectively with your target audience and amplifying your brand. Through digital press release creation and distribution, press and blogger relations, online reputation management, social PR, and more, Blue Water Media can generate media coverage for your existing company, emerging brand, or new concept.
DC Copywriting
Why should your customers buy your product or service? What's in it for them? Why is your product better than others on the market? Great copy writing answers these questions, helping the reader understand what you offer and driving them to take action. Our in-house copywriters expertly craft content across a wide variety of verticals and mediums, including website copy, email marketing copy, social media content, press releases, advertising copy, and more.

Our Washington DC SEO, SEM, Social Media, Mobile, Copywriting, Digital PR, and Analytics consultants leverage partnerships with Google, Yahoo, Vocus, iContact, Adobe Omniture, and more to optimize campaigns and maximize our clients’ web presences on an ongoing basis. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your website cut through the clutter of the web and get found.


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