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In addition to indicating your site’s relevance to a particular query, search engine rankings essentially measure your website’s popularity online.

Your website becomes better ranked as more highly ranked websites link back to it.  By employing tactics that create natural growth in backlinks, Blue Water Media’s Washington DC link building specialists will elevate your marketing campaign to new levels and maximize website traffic coming from search engines.

Blue Water Media offers a range of link building services in DC to help you increase your website's link popularity. Whether you have a brand new website or one that has been around for a few years, Blue Water Media's link building services focus on the quality—not the quantity—of links to achieve the best return on investment.

Where Do We Start?

To understand whether you need to increase your link popularity, you need to take inventory of how many incoming links your website currently has in relation to your competitors. This link-auditing service is designed to provide you with the means to initiate your own link building campaign or, if you choose, to have Blue Water Media manage your link building.

Link Building Campaign and Consultation

To kick off your link building campaign, Blue Water Media will manually submit your website to more than 1,000 general and industry-specific website directories, distribute informative articles that are re-published on information websites, and promote press releases that are published on major news sites like Google and Yahoo! News.

On an ongoing basis, we will develop content that attracts links naturally (referred to as "link bait"), continue to maximize backlinks, and grow your digital presence. Common link bait includes the following:

  • Free tools and applications
  • Top-10 lists
  • How-to guides
  • Industry-related humor
  • Interviews with well-known insiders
  • Surveys or data collections
  • Videos or animation
  • Charts, graphs, or spreadsheets
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Advice from experts
  • Games

The only limits are our collective imagination and creativity. To learn more about how Blue Water Media's Washington DC link building services can improve your online popularity, contact us today for a free link building consultation.


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