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We deliver innovative, scalable and secure technology to help federal, state and local agencies better serve constituents. Current government partners include the US State Department, the Department of Interior, the Department of Defense, and more.

Our forward-thinking government web design team understands the importance of balancing aesthetic appeal with high transparency, accessibility, and security. Whether the government website is designed for a local audience or national audience, Blue Water Media will help communicate your service to constituents with focus, clarity, ease and creativity.


Government Case Studies

Amtrak OIG Case Study

Amtrak OIG commissioned Blue Water Media'g government web design team to redesign their website to better convey their services to the US traveling public. They desired a more visually appealing...

Department of Transportation Office of Civil Rights Case Study

The Department of Transportation Office of Civil Rights (DOCR) is dedicated to prohibiting discrimination in employment and the provision of government services. They also ensure recipients of DOT...

Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General Case Study

The Office of Inspector General of Health & Human Services (HHS OIG) selected Blue Water Media to redesign their website to help them better combat waste, fraud, and abuse in vast OIG programs...


Government Portfolio


U.S. Department of Transportation Civil Rights

The Blue Water Media Government Web Design Team's redesign of the DOCR website helps the federal agency better enforce laws and regulations and prohibit discrimination in employment and the provision...


Amtrak OIG

Blue Water Media's government web design team built Amtrak OIG a user-friendly online portal to highlight its transportation services and agency efficiency to the traveling public.


Office of Inspector General (OIG), US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

The more visually appealing and intuitively structured government web design helps the HHS OIG better protect citizens against fraud and abuse in healthcare.


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