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Digital Marketing Strategy

DC Marketing Consultants

We know the first step to any successful campaign is research. By investigating buying habits, brand impressions, and customer trends on and offline, Blue Water Media’s DC marketing consultants strategically pinpoint and connect with our clients’ core audiences.

To inform our marketing strategy, we thoroughly assess a client’s (and their competitors’) presence on online review websites and social media platforms and in search engines. This also includes in-depth keyword analysis and pay-per-click budgetary research and recommendations.

Once a web marketing campaign is launched, we consistently track performance with detailed website analytics, visitor click-path analysis, heat mapping, online reputation and keyword monitoring, in-depth usability testing, and customer surveys to create the best possible user experience and digital presence.

To learn more about how our DC online marketing experts can use web marketing strategy to better inform your campaign and produce results for your business, contact us today.


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The following post wirtten by a member of our marketing team, Rebecca Rubin, was originally published on Entrepreneur.com.Who would you rather sit next to at a dinner party—a renowned but egotistical “expert” who drones on and on about himself and...
We've said it before & we'll say it again: @Pinterest's analytics are wildly insightful & beneficial to businesses http://t.co/gQ4rDqw1os
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