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Harnessing the Power of Mobile

Amanda Santello

Earlier this summer, at an event hosted by the Art Director’s Club of Metropolitan Washington on the future of digital publishing, the impact of massive tablet and mobile growth was discussed. My biggest takeaway was that the rise in mobile and tablet use has helped revive the publishing industry (rather than signifying its death) by enabling organizations to reach larger audiences and forcing them to create more compelling and engaging content.

The benefits of mobile certainly don’t just apply to publishing, however.  Any organization looking to better connect with and engage customers can profit from a well-executed mobile presence.

The first step in harnessing the power of mobile is to build mobile and tablet-friendly versions of your website or native app.   When doing so, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  1. Your tablet app or website is <em>not</em> just a smaller version of your website and must be strategically designed to harness the power of this unique medium.
  2. There is a lot less real estate on your mobile site or tablet app, so all content should be whittled down to what is most relevant to your users’ experience.
  3. When developing a tablet-friendly version of you website, focus on user engagement and instant conversion. Anything you create must either be entertaining, useful or both.

As the tablet becomes more popular, we have an immense opportunity as creative innovators.  While there is still much to be learned, becoming acquainted with this new medium has become an absolute must for web designers, developers, digital marketers and savvy organizations of all kinds.


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