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From Boring to Buzz-Worthy: How to Edutain Customers with Social Media

Rebecca Rubin

Would you put an iPhone into a blender?  You might if you were a social media-savvy business like Blendtec, whose “Will it Blend” video series went viral, leading to a huge spike in sales and brand awareness. Blendtec succeeded by providing their audience with valuable knowledge in a fun and engaging manner, a marketing tactic known as edutainment.

Social media makes it easier than ever to similarly knock your customers’ socks off.  If you’re not sure where to start, try implementing a few of the following ideas:

  • Make customers feel “in the know” with behind-the-scenes photos, sneak peaks, and little-known industry tidbits in the vein of the live, backstage fashion week coverage by haute women’s clothing designer, Diane Von Furstenberg.
  • Post inspirational, funny, and industry-relevant quotes on your company’s Pinterest page like high-end yoga attire retailer, Lululemon.
  • Write blog posts that tie your products and services to trends and pop culture events (ie. “10 Things Homeland Can Teach You About Marketing” or “How to Make Your Website Oscar-Worthy”).
  • Spice up your Slideshare presentations (and avoid death by PowerPoint) with compelling images, videos and, infographics.  IBM’s expert network, which leverages the thought leadership of employees to generate social media engagement, is an excellent example of successful edutainment.
  • Get your audience’s competitive juices flowing with a Facebook contest or online game like Comcast Trivia.
  • Liven up your social media copy with conversational language topped off by the occasional idiom, slang term, or pun.
  • Create short and humorous (read: sharable) product demonstrations on Vine and YouTube a la Blendtec.

While your edutainment endeavors need not be extensive (you have a business to run), they should be engaging enough to pique the interest of potential customers and drive them to further explore your offerings.  Happy edutaining!


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