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Analytics and Reporting

Google Analytics Specialists

Knowledge is power. If you want to improve your website’s performance, you first need to measure it to understand how it is being utilized.

Website traffic analysis

Our analytics specialists use detailed website analytics, heat mapping, keyword monitoring, in-depth usability testing, and customer surveys to monitor and optimize websites on an ongoing basis.

Blue Water Media begins the analytics and reporting process with a site evaluation.  The evaluation is then followed by analytics programming aimed to help your site reach its goals. We will utilze Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, WebTrends, or your preferred analytics system to establish an analytics profile for your company, program and tag your default pages, and form the regular expressions that classify your desired events, including e-commerce tracking and on-click events to measure visitor engagement, campaign performance, or other conversion metrics. Our analytics specialists can help answer the following critical questions:

  • Is your website performing, and are you generating return on investment?
  • Which marketing campaigns are most effective, and are you paying enough/too much in certain areas?
  • How do visitors arrive at your website, and how can you fine-tune your pay-per-click search marketing to help consumers find your website?
  • What is the value of a visitor to your site, and is this value reflected by your current advertising spending?
  • What are your site visitors’ demographic characteristics, and how can you use this knowledge to better market products to them?
  • Which users are most likely to positively interact with your site, and how do you attract a larger number of these types of visitors?
  • What are the characteristics of your site's most visited pages, and how can you incorporate those qualities into other areas of the site?
  • What is your bounce rate, and how can you identify and alter site entrance pages that are not relevant to visitors and do not lead to positive user interaction?
  • Which channels through your site are most likely to lead to a purchase, and how can you encourage more users to shift to those channels?

To learn more about how Blue Water Media analytics and web reporting experts can produce results for your organization, contact us today for a free consultation.


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